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Welcome to Listsy - the Video-First Classifieds Ads Platform

Discover a world of trusted video-first classifieds ads. Join the millions who buy and sell from each other every day in local communities around the world.


Build Trust Through Video

On Listsy, you can showcase your products and services with videos so potential buyers can get a real feel for what they’re buying before they commit.


Buying Made Easy

With our video-first classifieds ads, selling is easier than ever. You can build trust quickly by watching videos of people who are selling  before you make a decision. With Listsy, you can be sure of who you're dealing with before you make a purchase


Find Anything You Need

Search through thousands of listings in categories such as electronics, furniture, cars, appliances, clothing,  accommodation & more! With Listsy you can find whatever you need without having to browse through endless pages of text-only ads.


A Seamless Experience

At Listsy, we have designed our platform for a smooth user experience so that buying and selling is effortless. With our intuitive interface and fast loading times, you can easily post an ad for free, search for a product or service, and communicate with potential buyers in no time at all!


Join Millions of Others

Listsy connects you with millions of people around the world who are buying and selling everyday in local communities. With our video-first classifieds ads, building trust is faster and more efficient than ever before.